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ERP is most frequently used in the context of software. As the methodology has become more popular, large software applications have been developed to help companies implement ERP

What is Taxila?

Taxila is an educational ERP to manage, connect, communicate and collaborate effectively among students, teachers, parents and back office to bridge the gap of the Educational organization so that they can focus on creating excellent gems rather than putting their heads together on administrative details.


A few things we’re great at

Student Management

Students can easily access within the system (provided their account is activated) and update basic information.

Campus Management

A cloud enabled attractive interface designed to connect different structure of the campus through highest security at user level which is extremely simple to use and ensures process standardization.

Faculty Management

FACULTY LOGIN – Secure login for each faculty member so they can perform their task efficiently

Exam Management

The exams are scheduled for a set of students and they are informed as soon as the exam is created.

Admission Management

Quick and easy way to allow course registration for applicants, online course registration forms to save hours of data entry and improve employee efficiency

Transport Management

Management of entire transportation operation to provide safe and efficient transport to students.

Class Management

Classes are important and with the class management system, faculty can easily add students, manage timetable and process other activities related to class.

Asset Management

The classes can also be associated with assets that are required for running the class successfully.

Hostel Management

Effective management of all the hostel and residential facilities in the institution

Library Management

Integrated with barcode scanning facility for effective control of all the operations perform in the library.

Accounting & Finance

Short and effective way to manage all the financial transaction , fee collection , automated transaction and generate financial reports for easy analysis of cost management and expenditure .

Course Management

Configure and manage different courses and batches according to your system and process.

Student Management

STUDENT LOGIN PROVIDED : Students can easily access within the system (provided their account is activated) and update basic information.

UNIQUE ID GENERATION : The system generates an appropriate Unique ID for students. TIME TABLE : Create clear and error free time table ensuring the best utilization for teachers as well as students . ATTENDANCE : Mark and track students attendance quickly. STUDENT INFORMATION : – Quick and easy way to asses all the information record for both current and archived in your institution. REPORT/EVENT : – Generate various report on student , faculty and courses and fee schedule. SURVEY/FEEDBACK : – Schedule Quick and easy survey/feedback on various issue . INTGRETED SMS/EMAIL : – Integrated email & messaging system for simple and easy communication between parents, faculty , student and administration.

Campus Management

Today’s generation look for greater flexibility in fulfilling their goals and expect institutions to provide education on demand, as a service. They need programs and delivery models that fit their busy lives, rather than being asked to conform to a traditional academic calendar. Taxila enables you to pro-actively engage students in a manner designed for their success and yours. With this next-generation student information system, you can manage traditional academics as well as flexible terms, competency-based education options, and online programs from the same platform so that you can automate financial aid and gain a 360° view of every interaction with each student, to boost enrollment and increase retention and student outcomes.

Varenya Offers

3+ years, 100% education; 50+ installations; ROI in 3 months; Experience of 50+ academicians at your service;

Trusted Solution

 Repository of best practices; Easy customization; Facilitated upgrades; Covers complete student life cycle;

Product Offering

Seamless mapping of processes;

Enhanced efficiency; Reduced cost; Competency building;
Unmatched Benefits

Mobile enablement; Cloud;

Analytics; Biometric & RFID;
Adopting Technologies








Our pricing cost to nothing while our service is custom

Taxila ERP Price : 2,750 per User/per Month
For Higher Educational Institutions

-Campus Setup – Pre-admission – Admission – Student Information Management – Programs & Courses – Academic Registration – Time-Table & Scheduling

Taxila SIS
Price : 3,200 per User/per Month For Higher Educational Institutions

– Organization Setup – Campaign & Enquiries – Admission Management – Student Information Management – Program & Courses – Fees & Payments – Timetable

Taxila SMS
Price : 3,800 per User/per Month For Schools & Group of Schools

– School Setup – Campaign & Enquiries – Admission Management – Student Information Management – Class & Subjects – Fees & Payments -Timetable

Taxila TMS
Price : 4,250 per User/per MonthFor Training & Coaching Centers

– Organization Setup – Campaign & Enquiries – Registration & Enrollment – Trainee Information Management – Programs & Modules – Fees & Payments – Timetable